When your newborn arrives, you want to capture every moment. I know I did when my three babies were born! As beautiful as all of those iPhone snaps are, professional newborn photography is a wonderful way to capture an incredible moment in time. 

If you’re considering a newborn photo shoot, timing is everything. The best age for a newborn photo shoot falls into a fairly narrow window of time. Get prepared early – yes, even while you’re still pregnant – with my advice after photographing hundreds of newborn bubs.

Best age for a newborn photo shoot


While there is no strict time frame, I recommend taking newborn photos in the first fourteen days after your little one is born. And there’s a good reason for that.

While we often associate babies with no sleep, newborns are actually very sleepy little things. Being born and coming into the big wide world is exhausting. When your baby is sleepy, it makes it that much easier to pose them without waking them. During a newborn photo shoot, I always swaddle babies so they feel safe and comfortable. I also keep the studio at the perfect sleepy temperature. This gives me time to swap out different props or backdrops to get the perfect photo.

With so much happening when you first bring your baby home, it’s best if you can book in your newborn photography session while you’re still pregnant. Once booked in, all you need do is send a text when your baby is born, and I’ll confirm a date and time with you.

Don’t worry if your baby is running late or arrives early. It’s all part of the job for a newborn photographer.

The best time of day to take newborn photos


I sometimes have people ask me if 3 weeks is too old for newborn photos? Or 5 weeks? Or 6? While I recommended having a studio shoot within the first 14 days, rest assured that it’s never too late to capture beautiful photos of your baby.

There are plenty of reasons why parents miss the 14 day window. Perhaps you have a premature baby with an extended stay in hospital. Maybe you’ve only just decided on a professional photo shoot. Hey, maybe you’re just exhausted and the thought of a photo shoot is just too much.

While the traditional posed newborn photos are best in the first 14 days, I often take lifestyle shots at different stages in the first 12 months. By 3 or 4 months old, your baby will be smiling and able to hold their head steady, making for a lovely animated shot where their character is starting to shine through.

What to expect at a newborn photography session


The next question I get asked is when is the best time of day to take newborn photos. This can come down to the individual photographer, but I find that mornings and early afternoons are best when babies tend to be more settled.

If you’re taking newborn and sibling photos, this can also suit best as it’s before siblings start to get tired. I always take family photos first so that one parent or a friend can take the brothers and sisters home for a nap if needed.

That’s why I prefer studio photography for newborns. My studio in Narre Warren North has gorgeous sunlight that filters through the windows. But I also have professional lighting for when the sun doesn’t come out to play. Not to mention a huge range of props to create a fabulous backdrop. You don’t need to worry about someone coming into your home while you’re still settling into life with a new member of your family. 

Is 3 weeks too old for newborn photos


When you book in for a newborn photo shoot with me, I take care of everything. I have a calming and welcoming studio – it’s my happy place! - with wraps, bonnets and backdrops. I worked as a school and dance teacher before making my career change and also have three children of my own. I know babies well and I’m very patient!

I also love to capture family photos during newborn photo shoots, particularly photos of mum and bub. Mums are so often left out of the picture because they’re the ones behind the camera capturing all of those special moments. 

You may feel tired. Your body is still recovering from childbirth. The last thing you want to do is be photographed. Do it anyway. I’ll make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed and work my magic with my camera. Trust me, these are the photos you will look back on with such fondness for many years to come.


If you’re looking for newborn photography in Melbourne, I’m here to help. I adore creating beautiful photos that become magical mementos.

If you want to ask any questions about the best age for a newborn photo shoot or chat about booking a session, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.