There’s just something about a cake smash photo shoot. Watching their chubby little hands delightfully squeezing cake between their fingers brings a smile to my face at every cake smash I shoot.

Cake smash photography is just as popular as ever and there’s good reasons why. Read on as I share some of my favourite reasons why a cake smash photo shoot is always a good idea.

Cake smash photo shoot Melbourne

1. Babies love mess

Ain’t this the truth! 

A cake smash appeals to a baby’s senses. They can taste and touch the cake and the icing, squeeze it between their fingers and rub it all over their face. For many babies it’s often the first time they’ve ever tasted cake… and they like what they eat!

Over the years, I’ve found that while some babies are tentative to start, it doesn’t take long for them to dig their hands into the cake. Just one little lick of icing is all they need. Then they muster all their mess-making capabilities and have a lot of fun in the process.

Many parents don’t realise just how much fun their baby will have or how much they will enjoy watching the process. You can’t beat the adorable expressions on their little faces as they smear cake over their face, hands and clothes.

Cake smash photos in Melbourne

2. Cake smash = the most memorable photos

There are a few stages to a cake smash photo shoot, not just the cake smashing part!

I start by taking some photos of your little one in the gorgeous outfit you’ve chosen. That is, when they’re still clean and cake free. Then the cake comes out and I document the different stages from when they curiously approach the cake to when they are dripping in icing from head to toe.

My smash cake photography sessions also include a bubble bath in a clawfoot baby tub, complete with rubber ducks and other fun props.

The result is a selection of memorable photos that capture such a special moment in time as your baby explores, laughs and makes a big old mess.

Cake smash photo shoot clean up

3. Someone else will clean up the mess

As much as babies love a mess, parents don’t love the clean up! But at a cake smash photo shoot, the clean up is on me. 

I order the cake and provide the outfit and decorations. I shoot in my studio so when you arrive, everything is set up and ready to go. I incorporate bath time into the shoot so your little one is as clean at the end of the shoot as they are when you arrive.

I also take care of cleaning up any leftover cake, packing down the decorations and washing the cake smash outfit. All you need to do is go home and wait two to three weeks for your gallery of photos to arrive.

There’s no stress on you about having to worry about cleaning up so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the moment.

First birthday cake smash photo shoot

4. It’s a chance to celebrate a milestone

A first birthday is a huge milestone. Your baby changes, learns and grows more in those first 12 months than they will in any other year of their lives. And it’s a big 12 months for you too, getting to know your new family member and their little personality.

If you’ve had newborn photography, you know just how precious those memories are. A cake smash photo shoot is to stop and capture some beautiful photos that you will look back on with fondness for years to come.

And just think of how handy these photos will be when you get to some of those other bigger milestone birthdays down the track!


I offer cake smash photography in Melbourne and surrounding areas. These are some of my favourite photo shoots as I’m able to capture so much personality and fun in every image.

I would be delighted to work with you to help you celebrate your baby with a cake smash photo shoot. Get in touch so we can plan a special shoot for your special bub!