a summer photoshoot.....

Well it was Summer, but the weather was far from a Melbourne, Australia Summer forecast!!! The location family photoshoot was held in January and who would've thought January would've had any weather problems.........other than being too hot?!?! haha! 🤣

Location, location, location

You're probably wondering how the family selected this location? Bec Gordon Photography has a number of outdoor photography locations available to select from. We have scoured and searched for gorgeous locations that cover a range of environments: beach, grassy field, wetlands & woodlands. The decision is then up to you!!

So the family did exactly that! They decided on the beautiful cliffs and beach of Sandringham! The benefit of the weather being so cold, was that they had the area pretty much to themselves and didn't have to wait for people to pass or duck and weave between others!!

Extended family

This family live in different parts of the world, so family catch ups don't get to happen very often 😢 They've never had a whole family photo with the grandkids, so it was an extremely special shoot to be a part of. To know these images of 3 generations will be part of this family forever is just priceless.

So even though it was cold (we worked fast and everyone just wore layers between shots and while walking to the different locations), it was well worth the effort!


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