Can you believe your baby is nearly ONE?!

Smash cake photography is arguably one of the most exciting things to plan when your baby turns one — and it isn’t too difficult, either! You only have to book the shoot, select your cake, choose your baby’s outfit, match it with the bunting or theme and, finally, show up in the studio for photoshoot day!

Booking a cake smash photo shoot is the perfect way to capture your baby’s first milestone and create memories that will last forever.

cake smash photoshoot preview

For an insight into a cake smash session at Bec Gordon Photography, please feel free to watch the sample video above.

how to create your cake smash...

1 - select your cake

Do you want a Round 6 Inch Cake OR Giant Cupcake?

What colour would you like?

2 - Select your outfit

Choose from the cake smash outfits available for your use OR feel free to bring your own if you have something special!

3 - select your bunting/theme

Choose your buntings/theme so it can be set and prepared for you. *please note: custom themes may require an additional fee to cover cost of props.

4 - photoshoot day

When you arrive, everything will be set for you including towels for after the bath. Come, enjoy and leave the mess to me!

cake smash pricing

- 1 hour photoshoot
- Round 6 Inch Cake or Giant Cupcake
- Use of outfit
- Use of buntings/decorations
- 10 x high resolution digital images via download (Colour and B&W)
*Custom themes may attract an additional fee to cover cost of props



Can I purchase additional digital images?

A.Yes. Additional digital images can be purchased at discounted rates:

- Single Digital Image - $25
- 10 Pack of Digital Images - $225
- Upgrade to ALL images in gallery (approx. 20 additional images) - $400

Do I have to bring my own cake?

A.No. You get to choose the cake and my cake maker will create it for you.

**EGG FRRE and DAIRY FREE cakes are available with a $15 surcharge, as my cake maker must use different ingredients.

Can we bring additional family members to the cake smash eg. grandparents?

A.I always suggest not to have too many extra people come to the shoot. Sometimes too many people can be overwhelming and distracting for your baby, which can make them anxious and scared.

How does smash cake photography work?

A.One of the most challenging things about planning photoshoots for children is finding a theme that won’t have them fussing, moving in and out of the frame and asking for it to be over. But with smash cake photography, your baby will be distracted by the vibrant design and thrilled to fumble with it throughout the shoot, making it easier to snap a great shot.

And when you know your baby will remain focused on the one thing they can make a mess with, you can get as creative with the theme and backdrop. It’s easy to pick clothing for them, too — we want them to get messy with cake, so you don’t need to fret about dirtying a perfectly ironed outfit.

When you become a parent, you realise nothing matters more than giving your baby a happy and memorable childhood. A cake smash photo shoot will have them squealing and giggling in delight — and the best part is, you get to capture these moments on a professional camera! There’s more to it than temporary joy, though.

How can I book a cake smash photoshoot?

A.Planning a cake smash photo shoot is much easier when you enlist the help of Bec Gordon Photography. Our cake smash photography in Melbourne is perfect for babies between 10 to 14 months old to mark their first birthday!

Behind the lens of a professional camera, our smash cake photography captures the delightful moment before your baby gets messy, when they’re playing with their cake and, finally, when they splash around in a bubble bath. You can also browse our selection of outfits and buntings to add the finishing touches to any shoot.

Why do a cake smash photo shoot?

A.While formal photography shows your baby at their best, it doesn’t quite capture their personality. On the other hand, a cake smash photo shoot catches your baby in the act along with every tiny detail that makes up their gorgeous personality — from the mischievous twinkle in their eyes to their squishy cheeks caught mid-laugh.

Plus, wouldn’t these photos look more dynamic in picture frames than staged shots that can look awkwardly formal?

What makes Smash Cake Photography unique?

A.Between midnight feeds, nappy changes, appointments and house visitors, the first year of raising a baby is an absolute whirlwind (to say the least)! With all the new adventures and crazy excitement, you’d be forgiven for feeling as though memories pass by like a blur! One minute, you’re holding a newborn in your arms; the next, they’re a year old, running around and endlessly curious about everything they see. Keep these memories in photographs by booking a smash cake photography session.

Book a photoshoot today, or contact us for further details!