The miracle of life is a precious journey, and the enchanting first days of your newborn deserve to be remembered forever. Bec Gordon Photography is a newborn and baby photographer in Melbourne who captures these fleeting moments. With exquisite attention to detail and a personal touch, we provide bespoke newborn photography packages that tell the story of your baby's first days. 

Did you know that newborn photographs are best taken within the first five days to two weeks of your baby’s life? During that time, your baby is still very sleepy and flexible, making it the perfect moment to host your newborn photoshoot. 

After two weeks of age, they tend to be disturbed more easily while sleeping. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll miss out if your baby is older. We can still create beautiful photos of your newborn at any age, they may just require different poses.

Let us, at Bec Gordon Photography, work our magic with your newborn and create a family keepsake of images that will make for the most cherished memories. Newborn photography is our specialty; We love helping new parents make memories that will last a lifetime. 


posed, portrait style, timeless images

In your newborn photoshoot session, We aim to photograph various images — in props, your arms, with siblings/parents/family and those detailed images of their precious newborn hands, feet and lips! Your images will have your baby safely posed to create those perfect, timeless portraits you envision.

Our custom-designed home studio has all of the props, lighting and resources necessary for your session to be successful. Newborn photoshoots are 1.5-2.5 hours in length as this allows time to feed and settle your baby if needed.

We believe that a relaxed newborn makes for the most beautiful, authentic photos. As a result, we never rush a newborn photography session. We follow your baby's rhythm, allowing them to guide the session. This patient, child-led approach plays a crucial role in creating moments that are natural and relaxed. 

The newborn photography experience is not just about the final images but also about creating a relaxing environment for you and your baby. During the session, feel free to take breaks for feeding or cuddling your baby as needed. 


To avoid missing out, the best time to book a photoshoot for your newborn is when you are pregnant. As you won’t know when your baby will arrive (unless you’re having a scheduled c-section), please let us know your expected due date in advance, so we can add it to our calendar. Once your baby is born, we will schedule a firm date for your newborn photoshoot so you can enjoy the precious early moments of your baby’s life forever.

As the perfect window for newborn photography is within the first two weeks of your baby's life, it's a good idea to have the shoot scheduled during this time. But don’t worry if circumstances don't allow this — beautiful photos can still be captured beyond this time frame, and they'll reflect a different but equally adorable stage of your baby's life.

pricing & packages

Newborn Photoshoot

- 1.5-2.5 hour newborn photoshoot
- Portrait, posed, timeless images
- Use of props, swaddles, blankets, headbands, bonnets
- Sibling, parent & family images included
- 10 x high resolution digital images via download (Colour and B&W)


Baby's FIRST YEAR package

3 x Studio Photoshoots
- 1.5-2.5 hour newborn photoshoot
- 1 hour 6 month old photoshoot
- 1 hour general OR cake smash photoshoot (1 year old)
- 50 digital images in colour and B&W
(20 x newborn + 10 x 6 month + 20 x 1 year)


How to choose between our newborn photography packages

Whether you're hoping to capture the delicate details of the newborn stage or want a complete story of your baby's first year, our newborn photography packages are designed with you in mind. 

Do you want to capture the precious early days of your baby's life? The Newborn Photoshoot package is perfect for you. From posed portraits to candid family shots, you'll receive ten high-resolution digital images that will let you relive these fleeting moments.

Or perhaps you're thinking of documenting the entire journey of your baby's first year? The Baby's First Year package is a wonderful choice. With a total of 50 digital images from these sessions, you'll have a comprehensive photographic journey that showcases your baby's growth throughout their first year.

Twin & Newborn Photography

newborn photoshoot preview

Parents understanding the process is key to ensuring the photography session is calm and relaxing for their child. Please watch the sample video above for insight into a baby photoshoot at Bec Gordon Photography.

twin newborn photoshoot preview

There’s nothing more precious than two newborns in a photoshoot — and our twin newborn sessions are available at no extra cost. Enjoy the 'sneak peek' inside a twin newborn photoshoot above.