what is a location photoshoot?

This is a family, pregnancy or baby photoshoot held at an outdoor location during golden hour, that last hour of light just before sunset. During this time, the sun is redder and softer than when it is high in the sky. The colouring is just magical, it complements you and the entire image beautifully.

Location photoshoots are fun, relaxed and focused on capturing candid, in the moment images. Be prepared to get feet wet, chase the kids, give squeezy cuddles etc.!

What locations are available?

We have a range of locations that suit a variety of environments: beach, grassy field, wetlands & woodland. Have a look below to see what best suits you. If you are interested in a location outside of the areas below, please contact us to discuss.


edithvale, bonbeach, aspendale

grassy field - narre warren north

woodlands - chelsea

lysterfield lake

what time do location photoshoots take place?

As 'Golden hour' before sunset changes depending on the season and time of the year, please see the list below for approximate photoshoot start times:

January - 8:00pm

February - 7:45pm

March - 7:00pm

April - 5:15pm/5:30pm

May - 4:30pm/4:45pm

June - 4:30pm

July - 4:30pm/4:45pm

August - 5:00pm/5:15pm

September - 5:30pm/5:45pm

October - 7:00pm

November - 7:30pm

December - 8:00pm

As you can see, session start times can be quite late during Spring and Summer due to daylight savings time. If you have young children and are worried about bed time, sessions during Autumn and Winter (although they may be colder) might suit you better.

However, from experience, any child that is outside during a photoshoot seems to forget they were ever tired! haha! Just be sure to bring their pjs with you, saves you doing that when you get home!!

what happens if it rains?

Location sessions go ahead in all weather except for rain. We keep a close eye on the forecast, and if rain is expected we usually make a decision to postpone just before lunch on the day of your photoshoot.

In cold weather, we just work fast, rug up and use blankets to help keep you warm!

still have questions?

If you're still unsure about which location to choose or what month to book, contact us to have a chat! Bec Gordon Photography is here to help create the perfect session for you and your family, Looking forward to speaking with you!