Location, location, location! It’s not just important when you’re buying a house. One of the most common questions I’m asked by my clients is about studio photography vs outdoor photography. Specifically, how to choose which is best for their photos.

I shoot in both studio and outdoor photo spots in Melbourne. You can get equally stunning images and have just as much fun in the process. Which you choose ultimately comes down to the end result you’re looking for. 

I’m going to make your decision between studio photography vs outdoor photography a little easier with some questions to ask yourself before you book.

What style of images do you want?

In a studio, the photographer has complete control over the lighting and environment. We can manipulate the light and shadows to create different effects in the images and use props for styling.

On the other hand, an outdoor shoot is more organic and natural. We have no control over the lighting or environment but can use that to our advantage to create unique images. We can also use the natural elements to frame the photos and to serve as props.

Even with the same photographer, the style of studio photography vs outdoor photography is very different. Both styles are equally beautiful but you need to consider what you want for your family photography. Take a peek at my portfolio for examples of both studio and outdoor shoots.

How comfortable are you in front of the camera?

The best place for family photos is often where you feel most comfortable. 

Some people find being in nature to be calming, whether that’s by the sea or amongst the trees. For other people, the controlled environment of the studio, without fear of passerby interruptions, is more appealing. Think about where you can be your most relaxed self.

A good professional photographer will always make you feel relaxed and at ease. It’s our job to capture those candid moments and we need you to be relaxed to do so. Part of that is helping you to choose the right location!

What are we taking photos of?

If you’re booking newborn photography or cake smash photography, studio is the best option. We can control the temperature in the studio to ensure newborns stay warm and snuggly. It’s also more comfortable for the parents to relax on a comfortable seat while I take photos of their gorgeous baby. Cake smash photoshoots also work best in the studio because we can contain the mess – and the toddler – more easily!

Family and pregnancy photography are more flexible and lend themselves to both studio and outdoor locations. The choice between studio photography vs outdoor photography then comes down to your personal preference. There are so many good places to take family pictures and maternity photoshoot locations in Melbourne. I offer a range of location photoshoot options to cater to different styles.

How much time do you have?

Studio shoots can go ahead rain, hail or shine at any time of the day. We can control the lighting and temperature completely so nothing can get in our way.

Outdoor shoots are a little bit different. The best time to shoot outdoors is during the last hour before the sun sets, known as golden hour. During golden hour, the sun is softer and gives your photos a magical glow. Golden hour is anywhere from 4:30 in the middle of winter to 8pm in the height of summer.

We can proceed with outdoor photoshoots during any weather conditions, other than rain. If the forecast looks like rain, we may have to postpone your shoot. Even on a cold day, we can rug up with blankets and create some really lovely candid shots.

Let’s chat and find the right location for you

If you’re still stuck on the choice between studio photography vs outdoor photography, I’m always here to help. We can chat about your style preferences and the type of photoshoot you’re planning to then choose the perfect location for you.

Get in touch so we can start planning. I can’t wait to work with you!