Before the advent of digital cameras, almost everyone had family photos hanging in their home. They had photo albums on the bookshelves and pored over their prints when they had a roll of film developed.

Digital photos changed that.

We no longer need to be careful about wasting precious frames. Instead, we can get snap happy, taking as many photos as we like and then store them in the cloud.

But along with the rise of digital has been a decline in displaying photos on the wall. You’re spoilt for choice with photos you could print and hang on your walls… but do you ever take that next step?

As a family photographer, I wholeheartedly believe that there are so many benefits in displaying family photos. Read on as I share the reasons why.

Photos = art

Displaying family photos is one of the easiest ways to brighten up your walls. The bonus is this artwork is completely unique and personalised to your family.

Family photo walls add personality to a room. They reflect your family in the most beautiful way. In my mind, that’s worth more than any Picasso or Rembrandt ever could be.

There are also so many options for displaying your prints. From acrylic prints to floating framed canvas prints, a professional print service can turn your photos into wall-worthy works of art. You can choose large statement prints or select many images for a family photo wall display.

Make the most of your investment

Your phone camera roll is likely filled with gorgeous snaps of your kids. All of your holiday photos and special family moments. Early smiles, first steps, the first day at school and so many more. I absolutely advocate for getting these photos off your camera roll and into frames around the house. 

But what I’m really talking about when it comes to displaying family photos is the professional ones you pay for. The ones where everyone is looking their shiny best and mum is actually in the photo rather than being the one behind the camera.

You go to the trouble of hiring a photographer and spend the time at the shoot. Why wouldn’t you then go to the trouble of hanging those family photos in your living room? Make the most of your investment and enjoy the photos every day.

Celebrate your family

Displaying family photos is a way to celebrate your family. Kids love to see their photos and hear the stories of when they were little. How you felt when you first held them. The funny things they did and said when they were toddlers. The family experiences etched into your memory forever but mere stories to their little minds.

When family photos are displayed around the house, it helps children to feel a sense of belonging. They can see themselves on the walls and know how loved they are.

I also recommend hanging photos in the children’s bedrooms. Let them choose their favourites and have a family presence in their room. That can do wonders to make them feel safe, secure and loved.

Embrace the joy

The thing I love most about displaying family photos is how much joy they bring. To see your children’s beautiful smiling faces looking back at you as you walk around your home is priceless.

They grow so quickly and those little smiling faces soon fade away to reveal big kids and teenagers and, before you know it, adults. When you capture photos at each of these different stages of your family life and display them on the walls, it’s like documenting your family history. 

The photos on your walls tell a story of your family and the journey you’ve been on together. There is so much joy in that.

Start telling your family's story

I would be delighted to help capture a glimpse of your family’s story. I specialise in all types of family photography, from pregnancy to newborns, babies and cake smashes. I also offer a professional print service to ensure you can display your beautiful photos around your home.

Get in touch to chat about your family photos and how we can create gorgeous images your family can proudly display in your home.