Welcome to the world Leni!

Establishing a unique identity at just six days old, Leni was set to prove, that she is every bit opposite, to that of her older sister. 'Marching to the beat of her own drum', Leni livened up the Bec Gordon Photography studio, reminding us that two peas may come from the same pod, but how wonderfully different they can be. 

baby Girl or baby boy?

Sensing a daughter with both pregnancies, Mum expressed her delight on the envisioned relationship that the girls will one day hold. Sharing that "all [her eldest] ever wanted was a sister. We are very lucky."

family of 4

Leni was the completion in the family's home and hearts, with their Father in no question that he was well and truly outnumbered. 

deciding on a name.....

Leni's beloved middle name pays tribute to her Scottish family roots, where the name Darling was chosen. And that she was, an absolute darling...

The family eagerly anticipate hanging their newborn canvas prints of both girls, side by side, showcasing the very same pose and yet very contrasting, exquisite children.

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