DO you need extra ideas???

You are probably thinking..........'Extra ideas for what?!'. We are talking ideas for when you are tired, unmotivated and in SURVIVAL mode until your baby goes to bed!

You know those days, when you feel like the day is never ending and you have ALREADY entertained your baby for AGES.....this is where we are here to help. Our FREE e-book; '35 Ways to Play with your Baby' has been created by us, parents, who have been in your exact position before.

We have compiled this extensive list of simple and easy activities for you to be able to mix up your days with your baby. Even if you find a couple of new activities to add to your repertoire, it'll put a smile on both yours and your baby's faces.

Download your copy now!

Simply, click the image below and save to your computer, phone or hard drive. Save in an easy to find place so you can pull it up and read at anytime!!

it's time to capture your moments

Even though you may feel tired and exhausted, those newborn baby days will pass by before your eyes. When you look back, you won't remember how tired you were, but how quickly your baby grew.

I offer family photography and baby photography in my studio or on location in Melbourne and surrounds. I love capturing those magical family moments and meeting so many gorgeous families.

If you’re thinking about a family photo shoot, I would be delighted to work with you. Get in touch and we can have a chat about what you’re looking for. If you already know what photoshoot you would like to do, simply BOOK NOW.