Have you heard of?

You may be familiar with Aphrodite and Athena, but have you heard of the noble lady of Scandinavian origin, Freya? She is the most renowned of the Norse goddesses, in charge of love, fertility and battle. 

Taking influence from the mythical being, this little lady, at fifteen days young joined us for a newborn photography session in our Melbourne studio and effortlessly commanded our attention. 

Freya's family...

As we settled into the photoshoot and exchanged with Freya's doting parents, we soon came to learn of Freya's army of animal support, much like her goddess counterpart. With two cats, two large dogs and even a pet python! (thankfully it was not brought along!) we know there is a home full of love for her!!

studio calmness

Freya's parents shared their delight in how comfortable their little one was made to feel in our studio and with us! They were surprised how well she cooperated, adding humorously "She's so squirmish and a hazard to herself."!


And the choice for what to do with their beautiful images? To professionally frame their memories together and display in their home for many years to come. "We take them [photos] ourselves, but they're just not the same." 


If you can’t half tell, I’m so passionate about getting to know you and your family. I adore helping families like yours capture those newborn days and beyond!

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