Experienced parents

There is something to be said about parents of multiple children. They stride in their walk and ooze a sense of calmness even if there are mini explosions in the background. William’s parents were no exception. Round two for them, they attended their affordable newborn photoshoot with lollies and an iPad in hand for their eldest, knowing what they were in for......that is experienced parenting! haha!

What a team!

The couple met through mutual friends and share a common love of indoor soccer. In our Narre Warren North studio, they bounced off each others energy and made the session so enjoyable and seamless. Perhaps the team sport is what binds the duo in creating such a unified bond. The family were relaxed and in turn, so were their children. 

Big Sister duties

Darling Zoe, took her duties of big sister very seriously as she proudly cradled the new addition to their family. The parents expressed how she called her brother by his name from day dot and beamingly helps with feeding and getting him ready for the day. 

Yearly tradition

With extended conversation around the value of childhood education, we also learnt of the families high regard to documenting their children’s growth with yearly professional family photoshoots. With the aim to have a photo album for each of their children to cherish. 

Decisions, Decisions!

Thanks to William, his newborn photoshoot went so perfectly, the family’s only hiccup will be deciding which images to professionally print through our service and add to their memories. 


I hope you’ve now got an idea of the calm that happens during our newborn photoshoots. If you’re located in Melbourne and surrounding areas, we would be delighted to be entrusted with your newborn photoshoot.

If you have any questions about my newborn photography packages, please get in touch.