Meet baby miraya

Just shy of four weeks when she entered the studio and showcasing some super envious locks already. As we marvelled at her sweet petite body and little toes, we had the pleasure of learning more about the family, that she had so well chosen.

finding a name

Her parents are from an Indian background and they shared how they chose to step aside from tradition when choosing their baby girls name. A naming ceremony usually takes place after birth, where most Hindu families rely on an astrologer or a priest who gives out a few options of the first letters with which the baby will be named. The starting letter of the name is recommended according to the birth star of the child. The factors like birth time, date and planetary positions set a pathway for the ritual. Miraya’s letters were J & K, though her parents chose their own modern approach and went with majestic Miraya. 

Newborn photoshoot

The couple came to find Bec Gordon Photography, after strong recommendations from several friends, who also had their photos captured by Bec Gordon Photography a few years ago. We were so honoured to learn that after Mum & Dad were gifted a studio photography session, they travelled for two hours to capture their newborn memories. The couple admitted to not previously understanding the value of photographs until now, we was extremely humbling to hear!

proud parents

Miraya is the first child for this couple and the way that they beamed at her, we weren't sure who to focus the camera on more. As Dad so heart-fully put “I was lucky to have one, [leading lady] now I have two.” 

it's your turn

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