how common are triplets?

Multiple pregnancies make up about 1.5% of births in Australia, with just over 80 sets of triplets, according to the Women and Infants Research Foundation. In other words, the chances of winning the lottery are much, much higher! And for this spectacular family, they hit the lottery when they naturally conceived three beautiful girls, Aurora, Layla and Elmina. 

The birth

The girls joined the world at 33 weeks gestation, five weeks longer than expected. Forty five doctors graced the birthing ward, to support and witness this rare opportunity. Two of the infants are identical, yet to fresh eyes they had us fooled throughout their entire newborn session. Accessorised already, the triplets adorned personalised anklets to easily be identified. 

being a parent of triplets

The family’s photoshoot was their first outing and understandably so. We were able to witness multitasking and couple goals like never before. Like clockwork, the girls were dressed, fed and nurtured. Dad was across all the fine detail and the true definition of a ‘Girl Dad’ we thought. Perhaps his relaxed approach and natural gravitation to children came from his time working in an orphanage in Spain.

did you know this fact?

An endearing fact about multiples, is that they socialise with each other in the womb. The physical contact, starts from 14 weeks of gestation as the foetuses execute movements specifically aimed at their co-twins. Aurora displayed this unique relationship as she continually turned her head into her sisters when posed for her photographs. 

3 personalities

Besides the girls sharing so much in common already, the family amusingly enlighten how their young personalities are shining through already. Aurora, the Peacemaker, Layla the Drama Queen and Elmina the Sporty Starlet.


What a golden experience this was, I have been fortunate to meet so many outstanding families, though triplets was a first for me!!

If you are having a single or multiple pregnancy and are thinking about newborn photography for your new arrival/s, get in touch so we can start the process. Definitely a moment in time to freeze and re-live in years to come 🖤