Just imagine....

Imagine escaping Covid and sailing across the entire Asian continent and America for three years! That is exactly what baby Micah’s Mum experienced being part of the Navy. That was until she fell pregnant and chose to follow the next exhilarating chapter in her life…

The newborn session

Baby Micah was thirteen days old when we had the pleasure of meeting him in our Melbourne photography studio, it was his first outing! Unfortunately, Mum was unable to capture her growing bump with a pregnancy photoshoot due to sickness, though was delighted to pause the precious moment after birth, noting “he is my only one.”

preparing for micah

Returning to Melbourne at thirty six weeks pregnant, Mum laughed reminiscing that she had to practice putting nappies on her brother’s old Spiderman toy........as she didn’t have any friends, at the time, that had children of their own. Micah’s Uncle also serves in the defence force and we are sure this little man will be a force to be reckoned with. Destined to be resilient and driven, building a camaraderie of loved ones along the way. 

What will the photos be used for?

The family plan on making the most out of their professional prints, both on the walls at home and in use of baptism invitations. Micah will be wearing the very same outfit his mother was christened in!

We could not have asked for a smoother session than with Micah and his family. He has entered life with a full sail. 

want to know more?

If you're unsure how a newborn photography session works or just have general questions, please contact us. We are only a phone call or email away, and happy to help.