When you invest in family photography, you want to know that you’ll get photos you can be proud to display on your walls. Photos that capture the beauty of your family and that you’ll treasure forever.

The best family photos have a few things in common and it takes serious photographer skills to make them happen. I share my insights on what makes a good photographer and what they’ll capture in your family photos.


What makes a good photo? Arguably, lighting is the most important element. 

One of the big differences in studio photography vs outdoor photography is that in the studio, you can control the light. Even then, it takes skill to get the lighting right and a good photographer can do that.

For location shoots, the best family photos happen at golden hour. That is, the last hour of light before the sun sets for the day. A good photographer knows this and will arrange their outdoor shoots for this time. They’ll capture the beautiful glow of the setting sun that will complement your photos perfectly.


Do you remember in the 90s when almost every family had those awkwardly posed studio family photos? The fashion of the 90s may have made a comeback but those types of photos certainly haven’t. Why? They’re missing one really important thing. Connection.

The best family photos capture the connection between your family. It reflects the relationship you have with your children and your partner. It also shows the relationships your children have with each other. 

That connection is subtle. It may not even be something you’re aware of. But you’ll find it in good photography when the photographer has taken the time to observe the relationships and then capture them.


Closely related to connection is personality. The best family photos are bursting with personality. The cheeky toddler smiles. The daydreaming eyes. The imagination, fun and love.

The trouble is that most kids won’t have their personality on full display for strangers… or photographers trying to take their picture! A good photographer starts by making the entire family comfortable, including the adults. They’ve done the work beforehand to understand your family, who you are and what type of photos you want them to capture. 

Then, at the shoot, they can jump straight into building that rapport that will allow your individual personalities to shine. Many of my clients come back to me to photograph the different milestones in their lives. This ongoing relationship also helps.


It’s the little things that count. In newborn photos the details a good photographer will capture include fuzzy little ears or teeny tiny fingernails. In a cake smash, it’s their eyes when they see the cake and the expression on their face when they take that first taste of the delicious icing. 

The best family photos capture all of the quirks and little details that make your family yours. Cheeky grins and little hands hanging off mum’s skirt are what I’m talking about here. The little everyday moments that are so worth capturing.


I’m a mum. I know how hard it is to get in the family photos. You’re most often the one behind the camera. If you look through your camera roll, it’s almost like you don’t exist. For some mums, this is a confidence thing. They don’t like how they look in photos so they never take them. For others, it’s simply that no one in their family offers to take the camera and capture those little moments.

A good photographer knows how important it is that mum is in the photos. They know that they need to capture those lovely candid moments and give mum gorgeous photos to treasure.


I love family photography. I love getting to know the families I photograph and delighting my clients with images that reflect their families. When you choose me for your family photos, I’ll be with you every step of the way. I’ll share my advice on what to wear to the shoot for our unpredictable Melbourne weather. I’ll make you feel comfortable and relaxed on the day of the shoot and I’ll help you choose the photos to display on your walls. 

Get in touch to chat about what you’re looking for and how I can help.